New project about Christiansø, Denmark

Excited to spend the next half year photographing
on Christiansø with the support of VG Bildkunst. 

Happy New Year!

Ø01: Atmosfære

First issue of our art photography magazine Ø is out.

Participating artists: James Edward Bourne, Soleima Sand, 
Savo Spasojevic, Justine Høgh & Anne Lass.

For more information about the magazine take a look here





Group show at SLAGTERIET, Godthåbsvej 23, 3751 Østermarie, Denmark
Opening 19th of September at 4pm

20-24th of September 4-6pm

Manuela Barczewski  I  John Harten  I  Annette Jonak  I  Sabrina Jung  I  Ute Klein I Bernd Kleinheisterkamp I
Anne Lass  I  Patricia Neligan  I  Heiko Rintelen  I  Jörg Sasse  I  Ralph Schulz  I  Nicolas Wollnik 


Release of the art magazine

James Edward Bourne I Savo Spasojevic I Justine Høgh I Anne Lass I Camilla Howalt

Group Show at Galleri Rasch

Showing works with Kathrin Wylezol and Adrian Wylezol 

2nd-23rd of September 2017

Galleri Rasch, Nørregade 19, Rønne, Denmark

Opening 2nd of September at 2.30pm - 4pm

BRANDUNG // Feeding Godzilla

9th of July - 4th of September 2017

Showing works with "die elektroschuhe" from Berlin at Neues Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop, Germany

Presentation @ BUSCHE / BERLIN

See the presentation HERE

New Book

Artist book of the project "Schwinden" is published in a limited edition.