Ø01: Atmosfære

First issue of our art photography magazine Ø is out.

Participating artists: James Edward Bourne, Soleima Sand, 
Savo Spasojevic, Justine Høgh & Anne Lass.

For more information about the magazine take a look here




Other news

New project about Christiansø, Denmark

Excited to spend the next half year photographing
on Christiansø with the support of VG Bildkunst. 

Happy New Year!


Group show at SLAGTERIET, Godthåbsvej 23, 3751 Østermarie, Denmark
Opening 19th of September at 4pm

20-24th of September 4-6pm

Manuela Barczewski  I  John Harten  I  Annette Jonak  I  Sabrina Jung  I  Ute Klein I Bernd Kleinheisterkamp I
Anne Lass  I  Patricia Neligan  I  Heiko Rintelen  I  Jörg Sasse  I  Ralph Schulz  I  Nicolas Wollnik 


Release of the art magazine

James Edward Bourne I Savo Spasojevic I Justine Høgh I Anne Lass I Camilla Howalt

Group Show at Galleri Rasch

Showing works with Kathrin Wylezol and Adrian Wylezol 

2nd-23rd of September 2017

Galleri Rasch, Nørregade 19, Rønne, Denmark

Opening 2nd of September at 2.30pm - 4pm

BRANDUNG // Feeding Godzilla

9th of July - 4th of September 2017

Showing works with "die elektroschuhe" from Berlin at Neues Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop, Germany

Presentation @ BUSCHE / BERLIN

See the presentation HERE

New Book

Artist book of the project "Schwinden" is published in a limited edition.