In unserer Zeit

In unserer Zeit (monograph)

Publisher: Deutscher Kunstverlag | Year: 2009 | Pages: 170 + insert | Size: 24 x 31 cm | Edition: 500

Text by Katja Melzer.

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Schwinden (monograph)

Publisher: Selfpublished | Year: 2016 | Pages: 16 | Size: 21x29.7 cm

Schwinden is a photographic collection of dissolving places caused by climate change and human construction. Coastal erosion has dramatic effects on living space and human activity and is mostly caused by the invasive construction on the coastal line and the use of sand for building purposes. The work demonstrates the limits of our belief in the „manageability“ of our natural surroundings. Furthermore, it reflects on the nature of photography itself, since each picture contains a moment captured and simultaneously lost forever.

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Storms Æra

Storms Æra (monograph)

Publisher: Selfpublished | Year: 2014 | Pages: 2x40 | Size: 21x23,5 cm | Edition: 20 | ISBN: 87-90362-35-7

Storms Æra is an approach to the story behind an abandoned guesthouse, located in a little village at the North Sea on the coast of Denmark. The book displays photographs taken of the present space, a collection of photographs from the private albums of the Storm family, who have owned the place for the past three generations, and excerpts from interviews with the former owners. Excerpts of the book on display.

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Eyes on the City

Eyes on the City

Publisher: Anton Pustet, Salzburg, Austria | Year: 2012 | Pages: 154 | Size: 21x24 cm | ISBN: 978-3702506773

Urbane Räume in der Gegenwartsfotografie

Text by Michael Ziganel and others.

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Publisher: Urbanautica | Year: 2010 | Pages: 96 | Size: 17x23 cm | Edition: 400


Publisher: Stad Genk/flacc | Year: 2010 | Pages: 103 | Size: 14,8x21 cm | Edition: 500

With Mårten Lange. Text by Francis Smets.

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Hijacked 2- Australia/Germany

Publisher: Kehrer | Year: 2010 | Pages: 300 | Size: 20 x 25,5 cm

Wandeln (monograph)

Publisher: Edition Photographia Boeralis 02 | Year: 2009 | Pages: 44 | Size: 21x29,7 cm | Edition: 500

Text by Lars Schwander and Dörte Beier.

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Geography of Nowhere

Geography of Nowhere (monograph)

Publisher: Selfpublished | Year: 2007 | Pages: 70 | Size: 24×29 cm | Edition: 30

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Milwaukee Avenue

Milwaukee Avenue (monograph)

Publisher: Selfpublished | Year: 2006 | Pages: 58 | Size: 16,5×19,5 cm | Edition: 20

On the way from Downtown Chicago to the northwestern suburbs, Milwaukee Avenue stretches several miles through various neighborhoods, amongst others being the main street of a polish neighborhood. The project deals with a systematic investigation of a certain route and the ever-changing confrontations and incidents that occur when walking the same street over and over again. It is an investigaton of a location, which very often seems to be from former times, even though it exists in the present.

The project is from 2005.

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Das Haus

Das Haus (monograph)

Publisher: Selfpublished | Year: 2003 | Pages: 25 | Size: 18x24 cm | Edition: 2

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